Building a Community
with our Little Red Schoolhouse

Sunday, June 28 from 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Please join us!

In rural Vermont towns the one-room school house was a necessity.  With small multi-age populations, a lack of transportation and a need for students to return home by mid afternoon for farm chores, often towns built one to over a half-dozen schoolhouses across their terrain.

One after another these one room schoolhouses were torn down, fell into disrepair and demolished or just collapsed under the weight of time and Vermont’s harsh weather.  Some of the schoolhouses fell into private hands and became homes or sheds, most anonymously disintegrated, crumbled and rotted away.

A few of these precious pieces of our history survive to this day.  Some schoolhouses have been restored to their original classrooms so today’s students can imagine what school was like over a hundred years ago.

The St. George Little Red Schoolhouse was constructed in March of 1852 on a quarter acre of land just north of the village, built as a replacement to a rough log school that burned down.  Daily classes were held for 113 years for generations of Pillsburys, Ishams, Ayers, Lockwoods, Tilleys and many other early St. George families.  The last class was held in 1965.

The Little Red Schoolhouse is at that critical point of either being lost or saved.  Even though the building is in disrepair its framing and flooring are sound and its soul is strong.

Help Save our Schoolhouse.

Grand Opening Celebration!

Sunday, June 28, 2:00-4:00 PM

Please join us!

We have made many renovations, check them out on our Photos page.